Our Approach


Our mission is to help working people and their families attain their financial goals.


Many people become quite nervous about retiring. It is a big decision, but you do not need to be overly stressed about it. Why? Because we know what steps are necessary to retire, and we take you, one step at the time, through the process. Consider us as experienced guides in your retirement process.

Tonkinson Financial have an extensive amount of financial skills that they share freely. We teach our current and potential clients practical financial concepts. Quality advice should help you make quality decisions and give you the confidence that you are doing the right things. We can help provide you with the knowledge you need to retire comfortably, at a time when you are emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared for your weekends to be seven days a week. We strive to remove any mental barriers you may have in not knowing how or when or where to retire.

We treat our clients as we would want to be treated. Our personalized service is provided by people who really care about you, and we have a long, positive relationship with retirees and employees of FPL and Bell South/AT&T.* We also have a substantial client base of police officers, teachers, nurses, firemen, and municipal employees. Chances are, you have friends who are already our clients.


An Ongoing Service

Our independent financial advice and investment management allows us to provide you a conservative investment approach focused on preserving your principal while optimizing your return relative to your investment objectives, distribution needs and risk tolerance.

As an ongoing service, we provide in-depth analysis of your current investments, advice on planning for retirement, how to help protect your money against claims and guidance for inheritance and settlements. We can be your soundboard for any financial matters you have.


An Independent Perspective

Our status as independent financial advisors means you can be assured that our interests are always aligned with yours. This is further reinforced by our choice to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network® — an independent broker/dealer with a more than 30-year history and a client-centric service model that mirrors our own. We have access to the vast array of investment choices and product strategies the industry has to offer, and we are free to manage your financial well-being unhindered by the demands and product limitations of a large corporate firm, instead focusing on what benefits you most.


*Tonkinson Financial Inc. is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with FPL or Bell South/AT&T.

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